Episode 16 – They’re Just Affectionate “Cousins” (Dubs and Localization)

Originally recorded: 5/1/2016

In this episode, we discuss two hot-button issues: dubbing and localizing. Whether you hate it or love it, both are here to stay. We give our opinions for and against each, and their importance throughout the history of anime.

Also, Chanoda laughs… It’s pretty good.

News articles discussed:


Anime/Manga Mentioned:

* Spice and Wolf
* Kiznaiver
* Luluco
* When Supernatural Battle Became Commonplace
* Mysterious Girlfriend X
* Re:Zero
* Iron Fortress
* My Hero Academia
* HunterXHunter
* Grimgar
* DragonBall Super?
* Inuyasha
* Attack on Titan
* Bakuon!!
* Ace Attorney
* Pokemon
* Digimon
* Space Dandy
* Speed Racer
* Astro Boy
* Sailor Moon
* Erased
* Dagashi Kashi
* Code Geass
* Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
* Baccano
* Kill la Kill
* Wolf Children
* Summer Wars
* Ghost Stories

Games Mentioned:

* Shantae and the Pirates Curse
* Starfox

Hentai Mentioned:

* Bible Black

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