Thoughts on Bakuon!!

cda9bcf111c8a974295a683c643f89801459737569_fullSometimes when I hear about a show that I have little to no knowledge of it I tend to ignore it until I either hear it’s good or the show is controversial in some way…So when the episode aired that almost had a “rape scene” in it I finally gave in and gave the show a chance.  And I was not disappointed.

Things I Liked

  • Something I thought I’d never care about are motorcycles, but after watching this show I can see myself actually giving a damn about overly expensive mopeds.  I may not know the real difference between a Suzuki or a Ducati but what I do know is that some of the bikes I saw actually got me a little excited to actually try one out.  Of course I have absolutely no way to afford one so for right now we’ll just call it an “exhaust pipe dream”…
  • I enjoyed most of the characters in the show, the few I didn’t like being odd characters in the first place (sorry Raimu Senpai…).  I feel that when they added the final girl in the show it solidified the formula for all the character interactions, but I wish they would have added her a bit earlier.  She didn’t get enough development for me to care for her like I did the others.
  • Basically K-ON! with bikes.
  • Jesus riding a motorcycle.


Things I Didn’t Like

  • I normally like fanservice but I feel that this show didn’t need it at all.  I was a little annoyed at times when a scene was fine by itself but then the creators decided to add some cleavage or random scenes that were definitely not needed.  One scene in particular that I felt was unnecessary was when the girls decided that they should wash their bikes… with their bodies?  While thinking back about what I remember about the show this scene sticks out more than others, but being honest I didn’t enjoy that scene at all.  Maybe it’s because while watching the show I was reminded of K-ON! and I got into a mood where I just wanted cute/fun and not sexy/ecchi.
  • I tried to think about different ways of why I didn’t like Raimu Kawasaki and I thought maybe it was the things she did that made her seem as a weird “third wheel” to the group but after some deep thought I honestly believe it’s based on two small reasons:  She always wore a helmet and I never got to hear her voice.  While these are small things about the character in itself, it’s a huge issue to me as I mostly relate to characters through their face and speech.  I didn’t hate her or anything, but I don’t know what I was supposed to feel towards her.  She felt like an empty character, and I didn’t pay much attention to her so even when she wasn’t in scenes I didn’t notice.


So basically what we have here is a show that centers around cute girls, motorcycles, and some fanservice.  It’s not amazing by any standards, but if you’re looking for an easy to watch show that doesn’t take itself too seriously then this might be worth checking out for you. I also recommend watching a couple episodes at a time instead of either 1 every now and then or just binge watching.  I had to be in a certain mood while watching this show, otherwise I found it to be one of the most boring shows from this season.

Bakuon!! is available on Crunchyroll
and is a 12 episode show

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I enjoy gaming even though I rarely sit down and play consoles much anymore, but I'm going to try and get back into it with recording and uploading gameplay. I also love anime and manga, to the extent of watching/reading at least a little bit every day. I hope to be a computer programmer someday so I can have the freedom to live in a different country while still being able to have a good paying job. I would like to live in Sweden or Japan for at least a couple months after I get my degree.
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