Gender Roles and Feminism in Anime (A Debate)

Can genderbending and traps be considered feminist tropes? Is anime and manga responsible for creating “herbivore men” in Japan? Are shounen portrayals of manliness just toxic masculinity in disguise?
Join us tonight as Nitay moderates a debate between Alex and Sho over these and other issues to try to answer the question: Are portrayals of traditional gender roles and concepts of feminism in anime and manga good or bad?


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The intro song and outro song is “Invincible” by Deaf Kev, provided by NCS.

Check out the full song here!

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Anime and manga discussed:
-Mahou Shoujo Ore
-Fate series
-Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica
-Uma Musume
-Gurren Lagann
-Food Wars
-JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
-My Hero Academia
-Black Clover
-March Comes in Like a Lion

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