He is known as the Czar of source material. He is the hero you all deserve, but won’t get. Born under the star of Seginus, the Heavens blessed him with 2 talents, the aptitude for learning and the aptitude for memorizing a bunch of useless information. He’s seen it, he’s read it, he’s played it and by the Gods he has sourced it. He is, Jonathan (Jon for short).

Once upon a time, on a dark and stormy night… That’s not how it goes….
Long ago, in a universe far far away…. No, no, no that’s not it either.

*ahem* There once was a man from Nantucket WHO IS WRITING THIS?! FIRE HIM. IMMEDIATELY.

Hey there, my name’s Jonathan. To begin with, I have seen a lot, read a lot, and played a moderate amount of games. It all began when my brother Sokka and I discovered the Avatar, but everything changed when the fire nation attacked SERIOUSLY, WHO ARE YOU? THAT’S NOT EVEN HOW IT GOES. DIDN’T I ASK FOR THIS GUY TO BE REMOVED? SECURITY, SECURITY!


is he gone?


See you, Space Cowboy GOD DAMN IT!

I enjoy reading LNs/WNs that deal with OP characters and how OP they are. I love Vocaloids with an abnormal obsession. I don’t moonspeak or can even decipher those moon runes. I started watching anime as a kid, though I didn’t know what anime was or why I enjoyed them so much until I was about 13. Surprisingly, the anime that started this entire train wreck of a lifetime was Bleach. Do I regret falling into this pit that is anime and otaku culture? Fuck no! Sleep is overrated and working is too hard. I’d rather just stay at home and find a new series to marathon. I can’t really say I have a favorite anime or even a top list because there are many shows I like. My favorite genres do include strong protagonist leads, romance and comedy though. Pretty standard fair stuff. Without wasting anymore of my your time, let’s all have fun and play together!

I’m not a lolicon, I’m a feminist! (I lied, Gintama is the best anime/manga)